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  • Flexible matters needing attention in the manufacturing process of PCBA

    Flexible matters needing attention in the manufacturing process of PCBA2020-12-07

     Flexible PCB assembly and rigid PCB components are basically the same, in the actual manufacturing process, the operator will be according to the different requirements of process adopts the different process. Its common unilateral installation flexible PCB assembly process is shown in figure 1.

      The characteristics of flexible PCB assembly:

    Connected to the rigid flexible PCB PCB:

    Due to its thin flexible PCB features and is easy to deformation, so not as direct as rigid PCB assembly on the SMT production line. That is to say, in order to assemble flexible PCB, flexible PCB must be fixed in a rigid PCB substrate, so that it can be disguised as used for rigid PCB assembly. The substrate flatness, positioning accuracy and consistency is the key factor to realize product quality control, is also the key point of flexible PCB assembly.

    Low density:

    At present, the price is relatively higher than that of rigid flexible PCB PCB. From the point of view of the product cost, the most flexible PCB is only used for the connection between the different functional modules. On the flexible PCB assembly components few in number, distribution density is low, usually less than 50 components or even two connectors.

    Flexible PCB is mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other light, small, thin, electronic products. Its single flexible PCB area is not large, and single flexible PCB components of few in number, so in order to improve the efficiency of assembly, most factories would choose to use a panel. After assembly, the flexible PCB with different functions will be through the v - cutting or v - scoring separation.

    High demand on the quality of products:

    Due to flexible PCB in requires repeated bending and precision control is often used in the environment, the assembly on the component must be able to meet the requirements of its working environment, so in flexible PCB assembly quality requirements such as cleaning, anti - static measures and reliability of the welding is usually much higher than the general rigid PCB. In addition, at present, with the implementation of lead-free technology, flexible circuit board assembly is also more and more challenges.

    High assembly costs:

    Compared with the rigid PCB components, flexible PCB components has many characteristics, such as more specific jig investment, production cycle is long, relatively low utilization rate of equipment, spare parts and operating personnel is more, high production and product quality requirements. This makes the total cost of flexible PCB assembly is very high, especially in the initial investment cost is higher.


    With the development of electronic products, expanding the scope of use of flexible PCB, flexible PCB assembly process will also be improved. Manufacturing and assembly cost will decrease, which will promote the further extension of the use of flexible PCB, so that the application of flexible PCB into a virtuous cycle.

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