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  • telecom


    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) is the essentials of telecom industry. From radio network of printed circuit boards to office communications printed circuit boards, printed circuit board is made it possible to electronic communications equipment.

    You can telephone switching system, video collaboration, PBX systems, and find the PCB voice-over-internet protocol, or VoIP equipment. Communication printed circuit board is also used for general of telecommunications systems, such as mobile phone towers, satellite, high-speed router and server as well as business telephone techniques. Telecom printed circuit boards are also often used to control the LED display and indicator.

  • Medical apparatus and instruments

    Medical apparatus and instruments2020-12-09

    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) is very important in medical field, from the heart pacemakers and defibrillators and cardiac monitor (PCBS) in cardiovascular medicine specifications, to the medical imaging system, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging, CT scan, ultrasound equipment, etc., you can find medicine printed circuit board. You can also find the PCB for medical equipment, such as temperature monitor, blood glucose monitor and muscle electrical stimulation device. Medical equipment of printed circuit board can be seen everywhere.

  • Industrial control

    Industrial control2020-12-09

    High power industrial application of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) are also common. These electronic components control the factory and mechanical devices used in the manufacturing facilities, must be common in industrial plant survive harsh conditions. This includes anything, including the harsh chemicals, mechanical vibration and rough handling.

    In such a fast and challenging environment, also strict industry standards. At present, the thick copper polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) often appear in other applications. This printed circuit board has a large current industrial application and battery charger.

  • Computers and consumer electronics

    Computers and consumer electronics2020-12-09

    Over the years, PCB for computer has great changes have taken place.

    Today, only to find the electronic printed circuit board in the computer - although laptop computers, smart phones, desktops and tablets in the absence of high quality printed circuit board must not work properly, and the printed circuit board computer account for a large part of the whole industry.

    Your TV, wireless routers, video game system, coffee machine and display using printed circuit board. In the office, your printer, wireless mouse, network hardware, vending machines, scanners, fax machines, packing equipment using printed circuit board - in fact, printed circuit board in your office may be more than people. Today's businesses and households in the absence of reliable printed circuit board can not work normally.

  • The car industry

    The car industry2020-12-09

    Today's car there are many different types of electronic systems, automotive electronics equipment needed for the printed circuit board type difference is very big.

    Now using printed circuit board to improve the efficiency and safety system and operation types including LED lights and driving lights, transmission control and comfort control unit. You can also find management engine, entertainment system, digital display, radar, GPS timing system, power relays, rearview mirror control PCB.

  • The LED industry

    The LED industry2020-12-09

    LED has become very popular, and is quick to replace the traditional light bulb. About the LED, the best thing is they are at very low power consumption to provide efficient output. Printed circuit board is used to make the LED solutions. Santoku surplus is one of the leading PCB service providers in the LED industry.

    In the LED industry has a variety of applications, they use printed circuit boards, including street lighting, lighting, elevator running plane direct lighting, traffic lights, the operating room and signal lighting, highway tunnel lighting, solar energy product center, lamp, floodlight, etc.

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